The latest beta of iOS 8.4 patch-and admittedly the gap to allow the suspension of the Messaging application, but the Web is beginning to be loud about another error plagued current users of iOS-a. YouTube Preview Image Testers fourth beta version of iOS 8.4-a report that it is completely free from error, which was a few days ago. Send a specified string to iOS and no longer hang-up messages and problems with the functioning of the whole system. But they encountered another gap that accompanies iOS users and 8.3. A man named John Soucek discovered that the Mail application is a hole that allows mimicking the real query log data to iCloud, then, when the fields will be filled by the user, the data is sent to the attacker. Such action is possible via remote loading HTML content in the application. As reported by The Register, Soucek reported in January Apple presence of a hazard, but the company is in no way responded. As the above gap is dangerous, everything indicates that we will test another beta of iOS and 8.4. Source: phonearena , The Register