At this year's WWDC conference, Apple fell many questions but also answers directly related to the privacy of users. IOS 9 has to redefine the concept of privacy and provides the user with better tools and security.

iOS 9 / photo. Apple

Using the iOS Beta 9 can be seen that the default Safari Internet browser has a tab called "content blocker". At this point, each user can determine whether he would like to block ads appear, monitoring its behavior by the parties, collecting cookies or even turn on notifications of suspicious sites. I wonder if this option is also available to external application developers. Content blocker is nothing else like Google treading on any toes. Apple also deals with advertising, however, it does not generate them until such revenue as the company from Mountain View. Sam if I was a user of iOS device right away zaznaczyłbym lock option and disable tracking cookies collection. One for the moment we know for sure. It will not be a favorite bookmark competing companies. Source: PhoneArena