Apple WWDC 2015 / photo. Apple

The annual Apple Worldwide Conference started in earnest in San Francisco. The company began with hooves sharing the most important and relevant information concerning their products, and mobile devices. Check out our summary of all the things that Apple announced yesterday afternoon.

The new operating system: OS X El Capitan

The first important thing announced by the company with the apple logo is a completely new distribution system called El Capitan. Apple Vice President Craig Federighi presented all the advantages of OS X, El Capitan, which are intended to focus on improving the life of your battery efficiency and completely new approach to user privacy. Federighi also on his presentation showed several new gestures that support our mailbox. As for performance, Apple has ensured users that El Capitan is this has been long awaited for a long time. Faster opening applications, office applications, and primarily large PDF files. El Capitan is available starting today for developers interested in testing and developing its software for the new platform for the US company. The public beta will move in turn to fall under the free upgrade.

Passbook is renamed Pay Wallet and Apple will support loyalty cards

Apple announced a significant update for the Apple platform Pay. In addition to adding to the system their credit card and debit card, you will be able to successfully collect loyalty cards to be recognized by an application when making a particular purchase. Cosmetic change is the renaming passbook for Wallet in order to complete integration.

Apple Maps will contain more detailed information on communication

9 is to support iOS Apple Maps, which will be able to show and search the departure date public transport, buses, subways and trains. The service will be available in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Later, the updated Apple Maps have hit the people living in London, Toronto and Berlin. Unfortunately we do not have information when and whether he will go service to our country.

Proactive Assistant

Leaks were confirmed and Apple presented its intelligent assistant having to satisfy the Google Now. Using Proactive you will know more about things planned in advance. Proactive is based on data entered by us to summarize the smartphone as well as our own recommendations. New tool from Apple's own service will also be newsowy that, when clicked poprawdzi us to the correct application.

Apple changes its programming language open-source

Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president said that the American company opens up completely new solutions and changing its language programming Swift open-source platform. Judging by the reaction of the audience at WWDC this is a big breakthrough, especially for developers. This solution will allow for much more efficient writing new applications in Apple's mobile system.

The "News" makes its debut for the first time

Apple as yet another thing announced the application "News", which looks and works very similar to Flipboard and Facebook'owego Instant Articles. Gathering together in one whole articles and news from the New York Times, Wired and ESPN, the application has become something that you will be visited daily to check the latest news delivered to him in the form of interactive magazine.

Beats 1, which is a new service the stream

Apple Music will include acting in 24/7 format radio station Beats 1, which is broadcast in California, New York and London. The same Apple Music is expected to debut on June 30 at the same time costing $ 9.99 per month. However Jeżlei would choose to buy a package of "family" for 6 people, then we will pay the equivalent of less than $ 15. I must admit that novelty and solutions is very much. Each of them brings something new and there is a chance for even greater (can?) The company's expansion in markets around the world. The most curious to me the latest distribution OSX, El Capitan as well as all the news that is expected to bring us the latest version of Apple's mobile system, iOS 9. Let us hope that most of the things we will be able przestestować on their own. I can not wait.