Apple is one of the companies that you either love or hate and all in all you can write about it all, but certainly not that they did not bring anything to the development of modern electronics. In my opinion, however, in recent years, Apple's been lost a little up, adopting a business model competition, rather than forcing his own, and yet is "being different" has always been the driving force behind Apple. The products, which are currently watching, should be the answer to the question about the direction in which the company will follow in the coming years. At today's WWDC 2015 we met some news.

Apple Inc. logo / photo. Pixabay

We must admit, however, that the revolution is difficult to look out for. The first main novelty is actually a mobile iOS update, this time to number 9. The main news that it will host a refreshed intelligent assistant Siri, who this time (as a new feature in Android, "Now on tap") support has a search ( and functioning) contextual – in fact, I do not know why manufacturers of systems recognize that it is a function without which one can not live, and as one man implement it in their solutions. Another new feature, unfortunately, does not concern us – the payment function Apple Pay extends its reach to Britain, we have rather the count, probably never will settle it in Poland. As well as improvements to facilitate communication between applications – getting email eg. The meeting, information about it will be immediately added to the calendar.

IOS logo 9 / photo. Apple

A similar well-known "new" has to be Apple's music service, which connects belonging to Apple's iTunes with Beats Audio, and alive draws from several other streaming services – in addition to the known features, has in an intelligent way prompt us to new artists, we should listen . The entire iTunes library now has to be available from anywhere in the world thanks to streamingowi. You'll also get access to their own radio station Beats One, run all the time live music by the best manufacturers in the world. Service will communicate with the fans, and the ability to review individual tracks.

Apple Music / photo. Apple

What is most to my liking in the new system, the external applications attempt to replace their own solutions – such as Windows Phone showed that is a great solution. And so, the ranks of native programs joined Maps, News and Notes, which received a huge update functionality – for example, received Maps functionality called Transit, allowing for easier travel using public transportation. They should also complain tablet users – those who decide to update to iOS iPads 9, will receive support for a true multitasking – the system will simultaneously run two windows side by side. With gestures will be able to run the trackpad, which will help us, for example. Selecting text – iOS tablet is more like solutions known from the PC. Unfortunately, this function will go to all devices from Apple – iOS Update 9 users will fall, for now we can test it using a beta update channel.

A new screen to change applications / photo. Apple

One of the major amendments have to hit Apple Watch. One of the novelties of this timepiece, which will allow you to set any background on the screen hours, and Timetravel function will allow you to browse the calendar by using the dial of the watch. The new system will allow, among others, on the management of certain external devices from its level, and media playback on the screen.

Refreshed WatchOS / photo. Apple

Satisfied should also be users of computers running OS X – the new update called "El Capitan", brings some significant changes. In an update to the further developed to support for gesture control – for example, in the Mail application. News also will go to the window manager OS X – it will make it such. Grouping applications. The most important change, however, will go "under the hood" – with new libraries and APIs own under the name Metal, applications have run much faster, and with any amendments significantly is to reduce CPU usage, which has improved battery consumption – is preparing a big competition for DirectX 12 . search based on the context and the existing use permit Spotlight is a new search engine – similar solution we've looked on Google or Bing Now, in addition to information about the weather or the outcome of sporting events, we have the ability to search for information or files not only in the computer, but also in eg. inside the application. Minor updates also will go to the Safari browser, which will, among others, on the pinning of each card. Well, this year is full of disappointing conferences – as it fell from Microsoft, the last Google and Apple not so distinguished himself with a number. So you can not accuse him of stagnation here, because it is the fault of the industry. More spectacular news from Apple should expect in the fall – then we have to know, among others, iPhone 6S.