Lately, every self-respecting manufacturer decides to release versions of their flagowców covered with gold or other precious materials. The same way it went HTC One M9 presenting a model made of 24 carat gold engraved with the emblem of the Champions League. Everything would be fine if it were not, however, favor.

HTC One M9 / photo. HTC

namely HTC have committed one mistake. In the pictures of new models, golden One M9 in the background reflected in the iPhone 6, which most likely was used to perpetuate images having promote new products Taiwanese brand. HTC probably also figured out about this situation, because after some time on the official Twitter profile, photo was quickly swapped for others. Why, then, the company used its product not wanting to promote a new line of smartphones? Is the camera actually present in the model One M9 is so tragic that HTC had to resort to other solutions? I hope that we will know the answer to that question and advise the company itself to think fast because it may turn out that 2015 will be the worst year in its history. Source: VentureBeat