Lenovo's takeover of Motorola by an American company came out only for good. Moto series devices is a great alternative to the most powerful smartphones as well as for people from less affluent portfolio. In yesterday's interview, the CEO of Lenovo announced the company's specific plans for 2015.

Moto 360 / photo. Motorola

The Chinese company in 2015 would focus on refining and presenting new products from the series Moto and completely new field, which is smartwatchy. CEO Yang Yuanqing said that the corporation is currently working on a large number of new models smrtfonów that we can see already this summer. It is possible that the release will be connected to the release of the successor of a great smart watch Moto 360. A few months ago, the head of Motorola's Rick Osterloh wrote on Twitter that his company would like to focus on the regular release cycle of their devices, just as it does at major brands of the industry. 2015 years can thus bring refreshment great devices like even if Moto Moto X G. Another of the things that we can expect is mentioned by me above a worthy successor SmartWatch Moto 360. It was smart watches were the most wspominanym the subject during an interview with Lenovo boss. Motorola barely been taken over by a larger company and you will see the first results. I hope that this year will see something really big. Source: Digital Trends