If six months ago (or maybe even two months ago), someone asked me what I think about the market tabfonów, it would respond briefly: what? However, the situation has changed greatly and you can now venture to say that the equipment which is something between a smartphone and tablet begins to create a separate category of products. Is this trend is likely to continue in the mobile sector?

Samsung Galaxy Note II / Fig. Material Release

Prime smartphone Galaxy Note has been variously commented – some claimed that this smartphone has a raison d'être, and Samsung does not regret his decision, and others at the outset this project strikeout and caught his head, saying that smartphone with a 5-inch screen User will be the bigger problem than benefit. You were right the first, but surely even they did not expect that the model Galaxy Note will be such a popular device. In March this year, the Korean company reported that it sold 5 million smartphones in June already exceeded the limit of 7 million handsets sold in August celebrated the launch of 10 million copies of the Note can human. Some argue that the data are inflated because the Korean company gives the number of units shipped to dealers, not sold to individual customers. Even if this is true, then it can be assumed that the corporation sold a lot of copies of the Note can human. I intend to build on this success with the launch of its successor – the Galaxy Note II model. On the subject of the latter device rumors circulating on the web for a long time. Finally, in late August, we saw (in a rather strange circumstances) of Korean art equipment and even then some people assumed that the corporation is going in this project the right way and has a lot of chances to equalize, and maybe even break strict Note can human performance. The task is quite reckless, because the model has to fight for the client corporation and the smartphone Apple iPhone 5, as well as handsets with Windows Phone 8 on the board. Someone will say that these devices do not constitute competition for myself, because it's a different range of products. Note, however, that even two quarters ago, we considered not smartphone with a large display in separate categories. Secondly, it is unlikely that a customer who chooses to purchase the iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920, decided to spend the next few thousand (this applies to any other country, of course) at a relatively similar product.

Samsung Galaxy Note II / Fig. Material Release

I suspect that Samsung will not be idly watching the actions of Apple, Nokia and HTC and will do a lot to one of its flagship products was a hit. In addition to the economic and monetary gain in this case we have to deal with the struggle for prestige and place in the client's message. Profits from the sale of tabfonów (I took this name, though in circulation there are a few others – it is difficult to determine which of them will take on a permanent basis) were interested in the part of the other producers and now you have probably talking about the beginning of this type of discharge devices. And it was the loudest about the company and its model LG Vu Otimus (Poland Swift Vu). Certainly not an exaggeration to say that the potential of this equipment has not been fully exploited. Korean handset corporation presented a relatively long time, but for a long time, it offered only in the domestic market. Thus, in terms of sales had no chance to make the fight against product Samsung, which sold around the world. The company opted for a rather strange procedure: created a product that pozycjonowała as an alternative to Note can human and did not come with him outside of Korea Grant. Some time ago I decided to catch up and began selling smartphone Vu on other continents, but there is no doubt that the chance of eventual success was irretrievably wasted – the LG Vu model promotes, sells Samsung handset Note II. The result of this battle is not hard to predict (even if we take into account that the LG podrasowało your equipment before entering the global market).

LG Optimus Vu / Fig. manufacturer

The interesting thing is that some time LG mentions Vu II model. In a matter of fact, already met its specifications and approximate release date (MWC 2013). Once again, you can not talk about the big delay – if the Korean company a few months actually present equipment of such parameters, their chances of market success are slim. When the product hits the market (global), the Samsung is already working on a successor to the Note can human II (and perhaps even introduce him already for sale). Vu II is not an alternative to Note can human II, but his predecessor. LG has now seriously lost to his nearest competitor (in terms of tabfonów), and there are indications that this difference will widen. Does this mean that a new market Samsung will have no real competition? Not necessarily. Recently, I read at least a few companies with considerable ambitions for the production tabfonów. Interestingly, the producers who are serious about this market (or at least make an impression), derived either from South Korea or in China. I will mention four products in order to show that the subject is not just a figment. At the same time, I am convinced that this is just the beginning of a long list. Pantech Vega R3 model has already been presented to our blog, so I will not dwell on it specification – the most important information can be found here. Probably the same manufacturer is known to our regular readers and those who are interested in the mobile sector. Their equipment is unfortunately present in our country, and you can hear the groan when the profession that they provide a very interesting handset. Vega R3 with 5.3-inch display is a prime example. We have in this case to deal with another argument, which dismisses the success smartofnów Vu and Vu II.

Pantech Vega R3 / Fig. Manufacturer

will remain in the Korean market and we look at equipment from Xtreamer. Manufacturer advertise the newly 5-inch model Aiki, which aims to initiate a revolution in the market. In what aspect? Well, one of the most important from the point of view of the customer – the price. Tabfony are not cheap, and Note II is a great example. The company did not inform Xteamer unfortunately, what will be their smartphone and how much you will pay for it. But the seed sown, and interested in their market proposition – interesting how seize this prey. If you actually present an interesting equipment at an attractive price, and I agree with him on the global market, the response can be expected from the other producers. As customers are going to benefit greatly because the quality of the equipment and its possibilities will probably grow, but it will not affect seriously the price increase. YouTube Preview Image Another product of its kind found in the range of Lenovo. The producer for quite some time covenant to the smartphone market, but so far little of this show. The company has not yet started the fight for global market, but it certainly is aware of the fact that sooner or later will have to take up the challenge. Already have a strong position in the segment of laptops, they plan to mix in the tablet, but the offer is incomplete without a good and popular smartphones. Perhaps the task of tearing the trail hits the LePhone K860 model. The product is to be equipped with such the quad-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, 1 GB of memory (for more information about kego find here). It is worth mentioning that the model with a thickness of 9.6 mm and weighing 185 g in the domestic market costs less than $ 350. This is a very attractive proposition, and certainly there would be many takers for this smartphone also outside the ridges of the Middle Kingdom.

Lenovo LePhone K860 / GSMArena screenshot

Local competition for the hardware device will certainly Oppo Find 5, which is promoted by the manufacturer as the first smartphone with a 5-calwoym display with a resolution of Full HD. If you throw in to the quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, 2500 mAh battery, and Android 4.1, it can be assumed that the equipment will enjoy great success in China, and his next effort will be spread in a few minutes / hours. Similarly, it could be well on the global market, but in this case, the manufacturer would have to meet at least two conditions: first, the quality of the smartphone (I mean both the quality and work, as well as the elimination of all types of faults) would have to be at a high level, and the Second, the manufacturer could not raise serious (if the price will be attractive in the beginning) because customers choose if other equipment (read more well-known) brands. The potential is there – we will see how it will be used.

Oppo Find 5 / screenshot cnmo

Finally a company that can most mess in the tabfonów: HTC. Taiwanese smartphone large corporations is the subject of rumors for a few good months. Many people are familiar with the industry repeated (and still do) that the sale of introducing such a model, HTC tries to stop the losing streak, which takes a few quarters (the company is still on the rise, but their profits are getting smaller and smaller, which negatively affects the the price of securities). HTC handset, especially a series of One, gathered recently lost to solid competition, or Samsung. Introducing your tabfonu actually could be a good basis for a counterattack. The equipment, however, would have to be at least as good as the Galaxy Note II (and preferably to be more efficient and cheaper). Due to the fact that the subject of gossip in the unit for a long time, does not exist (at least officially) the product has been already several names: HTC One X 5, X HTC Droid Incredible (DIx), and more recently, HTC Nexus fifth To reach Networks alleged photographs, graphics and specifications of the model, but so far little of this show. Does HTC need tabfonu? Opinions are divided, of course, and we have the same arguments and counterarguments that. On the one hand we can say that the company should now focus on developing meaningful and innovative smartphone with up to 4.5-inch screen (and the Android platform), as well as the headphones with Windows Phone eighth On the other hand, there are voices that the corporation must try to jump into the market now that it is not yet saturated and try to fight with Samsung on tabfonowym field. You can of course say that imitation is the purest form and it will not end well for HTC, but as of today 90% of smartphones could toss into a bag with the word imitation. The company should find a place for themselves in this segment, but their product is not to be unremarkable. Strong components and strong performance benchmarks are a little too little and a corporation perfectly convinced about the opportunity to market a series of One. I hope this time it was different. Although many respects, not yet speak of a segment tabfonów and wait for developments (repeat that this may be short-lived fashion, which quickly pass away), in my humble opinion, we can extract a group of devices that are somewhere between smartphone and tablet. If I look at the events in the market, you can even set up (although it's very risky) that for some time tabfony become commonplace. Screen sizes of individual companies smartphones are growing and there is no indication that the process was to stabilize. A few quarters ago was argued that the 4 inches it's limit, which can not be exceeded, because it does not appeal to customers. Then jumped to the size of 4.3, and then 4.5 inches. Displays on their devices has increased all companies – from RIM (including the sacrifice of many models QWERTY keyboard) by Nokia (until recently reiterated that such large screens are pointless and do not have a chance in the market) to Apple, the company that has legs and hands defended itself against increasing the display in its flagship product. It can not be excluded that the device will soon 5-5.5 inch screen will become the standard.