At the moment it seems that in iOS 9 run out of surprises. Of course, the security and stability of Apple's software is a good thing, but still it seems to me that everybody would like to see in this edition of something completely new. Something that, as usual, will surprise and will allow the American company continue to remain on top.


Google Now is my favorite assistant in Android. If only this functionality from Google worked well in our country offered such possibilities as in the West, I know already that would not use anything else to manage your smartphone. At the moment, and so the assistant works great in terms of presenting weather, news or notifications you do not want to miss. And really the whole thing crashing down just about the functionality that is missing in the system from Apple. Recently, the Web could notice saying rumors about a new feature that will introduce iOS 9. "Proactive" because it has called a new addition to automatically przywidywać and provide the latest information to the user based on individual use and schema using the Internet. Apparently Apple is working on this feature from the point at which decided to take over the company cue, which dealt with even if the application yourself a contracting plan the day by scanning the user's e-mails. Proactive has settled on the left hand side of the screen, as well as with the rest of Google Now. However, in terms of the same functionality, the addition will also be responsible (like Spotlight) for searching for information, enable and disable applications or even search your contacts. For example, when Proactive would know that we booked a flight on a specific meeting and boarding pass stored in the application, then the same on the basis of this information, we remind us of the meeting and will show a map with the estimated time directions based on traffic. It looks very similar to the functions offered by Google, is not it? Another new feature is to be approved Proactive scanning our phone and allowing for automated operation. When the assistant learns our habits, about the same time of the day it is to suggest to us the applications we use most often. Is this a good solution? It's hard to say because I'm the same as you use their devices in a fairly specific way and I think that it would only disturb me. After all, the American company has time to catch up with the market, and (as usual) set new trends. If the rumors are confirmed, we can get really interesting project, whose development from today I will be closely watched.