As you probably know a few days ago made ​​its debut Sony Xperia Z 3 +, which is the global equivalent of Japanese Xperia Z4. Some users are probably wondering, how in this case will be named the successor to these devices. On this subject has produced several theories.

Sony Xperia Z3 + / photo. Sony

Now, with a very high probability we can assume that the next flagship Sony Xperia will be called the Z4. The difference in the naming of the newest Japanese flagship primarily due to the company's strong position in the domestic market and its characteristics, because users are demanding and tops out there current technical specifications as soon as possible, whatever the cost. Asian markets other than the features and greater pragmatism, so naming a slightly modified Xperia Z3 another number on it could not accept, therefore, established the Xperia Z3 +.

Is the line Xperia P will return? / Photo. SFAS-das

So it comes out that the next flagship Sony Xperia will be called Z5 (omit one digit of the Japanese smartphone users should not interfere in the end it was not the first such case), or will be called quite differently. At one time there were suggestions that Sony will return to a forgotten line P, and I restrains its previous opinion on this subject – even if the conjecture as to this particular letter of the alphabet did not check it anyway flagship of Sony in need of a thorough refresh (and it's not I just about controversial frame). This may be the last chance to improve their own situation, which is still not the best. The end of the story most likely will be announced at the end of the year and I myself would bet on the month of November, as the new Sony device from the top shelf may make his debut in the new installment of the adventures of James Bond, whose premiere was planned precisely for this month. Source: phonearena .com