As you probably kojarzycie, tomorrow starts the Google I / O 2015. Previously, we informed you about the new Android M and news connected with it. Now the daylight came another message – new versions of the robot green already permanently will appear in the annual release cycle.

Is fragmentation of Android will end up on Lollipopie?

Information to this effect gave Hiroshi Lockheimer, one of the chief engineers of Android, reaffirming the emergence of a soon Android M. It is true that so far the new versions also popping up every year, but this time it is a single large, fixed version system. In other words, most likely we will no longer have to deal with fragmentation within the individual varieties Android. In this regard did not appear any more details, but if it does not look the idea of ​​the foundation is good. Let us hope that the execution of such turns and the system is so refined that, indeed, subsequent subversion of different varieties of Android will not be needed. Then there would be a greater chance for the emergence of a new system for a wider range of devices and fragmentation itself would be much smaller. Source: Droid-Life