Apple's newest maps are of interest to many editors technological portals around the world. In the end is not often that such a large company admitted the error. We, however, that we refer to this issue in a slightly different context. Service New York Times reported that Steve Jobs decided on map for the first iPhone took literally a few weeks before its official release and presentation in 2007.

Apple iPhone 5 / press release

But this is not interesting. In fact, our Apple – in its original form – not even designed and programmed by the employees of Apple just created by two engineers, the company hired for this project. Map of the entire program took them just three weeks-a pretty good result. It should also pay attention to it, what really maps were created Apple – Steve Jobs just wanted to show the possibility of touch-screen devices – nothing else. It turned out, however, probably much better than I expected. The historical tour we invite you to watch the presentation of the first iPhone. Proposes to start watching from 4:40 – there begins the most interesting. YouTube Preview Image Source: 9to5mac, New York Times