Some of the companies are looking your way to success in the mobile device market – one of them is Asus, which created some interesting devices that combine the functionality of each phone and tablet or computer, such as. ASUS Padfone. It seems that he wants to follow a similar path Samsung, which today has patented device that is … well, what? For me it is a laptop having the ability to dock the phone, but we also call him a docking station with a display.

The new patent Samsung / photo. Patently Mobile

Despite the name, the idea for the device is simple (and a total known) – just below the laptop screen, placed a place where we can dock your smartphone and then use the Android system installed on it, or Windows 10, in which the station is to be equipped. Of course, the device is allowed to charge your phone, which (perhaps) in this configuration will also become touchpad whole structure. Moving the issues of ideas, which for now remain in the realm of ideas always say that but at the moment we can this idea be treated as a curiosity, who knows – perhaps soon this approach becomes the norm. Time will tell. Source: Patently Mobile