To paraphrase the English proverb – gold is the new black. More precisely speaking – terribly fashionable color matching to everything. Just yesterday I wrote about the fact that the Korean giant plans to produce models S6 and S6 Edge version of Iron Man, which is gold and red, while today it turns out that the most popular color this device of choice for consumers is gold.

Golden Samsung Galaxy S6 sells very well / photo. Samsung

As many as one in four customers who decided to purchase these devices in Europe, has chosen the color gold. This meant that the current gold stocks' s-sixes "are running and Samsung decided to immediately increase the production of this model. Samsung admitted that he is surprised by this situation and did not expect that it was this color will prove most popular, not only in Europe but also in Asia. You can dorabiać ideology here that the choice of color stems from a desire to show off, but I do not wyciągałbym that far-reaching conclusions – after all, gold is available in a palette of many other models from different manufacturers and must be regarded simply as … cute and trendy. Although I am just in the suit I bought it … Source: Ubergizmo