Orange Poland has decided to slightly more attractive offer for customers using the services on the card, and thus introduced a new service – Free of Orange. As the name suggests, you can within the network make free voice calls and also send text messages. There is only one catch.

Orange YES

Offer Free Orange is assigned to the tariffs of Orange YES, so if you dream of long, yet free chat with friends or family in Orange network, it is necessary to change the tariff. It should also be noted that for free in Orange does not go hand in hand with the service account Important Year, so that all calls and SMS within the network were 0 gold you need to maintain an active account on outgoing calls. Offer Free Orange can be activated in two ways – by sending a text message about the content of the START to the number 131 (the cost of SMS as Orange), or via a short code – * 110 * 47 # and "green phone".
You can enable service regardless of in which you are tariff. Your fare will be automatically and free of charge changed to Orange YES. The inclusion of "Free the Orange" means an exemption and the inability to re-enable the service "Account Important Year" in the future. -information From Orange

If you are interested also invite you to read the with the regulations leads