Each of us remembers the recent marriage of Sony and Ericsson. Since their "divorce", the Japanese focused on the production of smartphones, leaving feature phone segment. But it was a good move? I do not think so.

Sony Ericsson K750i / photo producer

After all, for many years, this created a perfect "bezsystemowce", appreciated by users. I remember myself as still in high school put up all the Sony Ericsson phones in the first place among the most desired headphones. Sometimes they can be appreciated more by the powerful Nokia with Symbian on board. Are we today would not be a worthy opponent for Nokia and Samsung phones? Probably so. I suspect that could emerge victorious from this competition. It would be enough if the Japanese upchnęli under their covers slightly better components and it could be a hit. As well, we see Sony storming the market with new models of smartphones. However, the dominance of Samsung in the face, they will have clout? We'll find out in a few months. Feature phone that manufacturer will dominate its segment.