Kojarzycie elephone company? From time to time in the media scrolled up information on it, as she tried to enter the market by presenting phones that somehow stand out – including P5000 model with extra-large battery or cheap G1 for 180 zł. It seems that this strategy is not to end up checking, because the company decided to attack its direct competition in the segment flagowców, and it will be a bargaining chip components.

The company is able to make low-cost devices like the G1, or she could also flagowcami it? / Elephone

And the present is amazing – the screen with a resolution of 2K (1440×2560), 4 gigabytes of fast RAM, fingerprint reader, 20-megapixel Sony – all backed processor from Intel. On this device, no problem you can use the Android 5.0 and Windows 10. There are no known release date or availability of said device. specification can make an impression, I am afraid only of a possible final price of the device. If this is attractive compared to the competition, the company can count on a large sale. I myself will be happy zakupiłbym the phone. Source: WinBeta