The last few months in the implementation of Microsoft's devices are mainly from the lowest priced – we saw, among others, Lumia 640 and 540, and 430. ultratanią lovers of this family of smartphones quite strongly complained about the lack of new devices with higher shelves and although Microsoft declared that he is interested in low-cost devices, it is most likely working on four new phones for a little more money.

Is the Lumia 930 will see its successor? / Photo. Microsoft

The first two of these, is the flagship device, tentatively called Lumiami 940 and XL 940, because of its size – smaller is to have a 5-inch screen, the bigger brother (actually a sister), this phablet with a screen size of 5 , 7 inches. Both have to have a camera's image sensor size 24-25 megapixels, support for stylus and probably ośmiordzeniowy processor. Other devices have hit the lower shelf price – one of them is to be the successor Lumii 830. It has to have a 13-megapixel camera with PureView technology, screen size approx. 5 inches and a better processor than its predecessor. The second is a larger successor Lumii 730/735 – is to have a screen size of 5.5-5.8 inches and be equipped with the same engine as the successor to 830, but devoid PureView technology. Sorry, you are all about the new phones that have appeared on the web today. Do not know when we will be able to see these devices on store shelves, but perhaps they are mobile, which Microsoft plans to present its new mobile system – Windows 10 for smartphones. Source: GSMArena