According to the latest reports Bloomberg, Samsung has created a new team, which consists of 200 employees. It takes only displays that are designed for Apple devices.


The band was formed on April 1, but this is not another April fools joke. According to what we know, team members can not talk about that they're doing, or with other teams within the company, or anyone outside. Samsung and Apple are now fierce competitors in the market for smartphones, tablets and smart leather goods now. Throughout its history, the two companies have had many conflicts that your final took place at the courtrooms. Despite this, work together in various fields. Samsung produce many different components, mainly displays, chipsets and memory for different generations of iPhones and iPads. It started with the iPhone 4 in 2010. According to Bloomberg, Apple is now the largest external customer who orders the different components. Recent rumors that it was the Koreans are one of two companies that produce the latest Apple A9 processor, which will drive the latest generation of iPhones and iPads. According to analysts, the news agency, the formation of this team is a sign of a slight improvement in the relationship between the two companies, especially after mutual legal actions that have taken place outside the United States. Source: PhoneArena