For some time, we can see that the devices we use every day, you can, with minor modifications, use of health services. Recently we informed you about the tablet, which helps fight the Ebola, today we write about the fact that every smartphone can help diagnose life-threatening disease.

With a special overlay diagnose various diseases / photo. Engadget

The new test, which consists of two parts, was created by researchers at Florida Atlantic University. It can be used to detect the bacterium E. coli, staphylococcus, or even HIV, and all with a drop of blood. Why the test is a two-piece? To carry out the need for cheap, thin membranes and applications on the smartphone. There are many types of special membranes, and each can detect a disease of the blood. If the sample is detected a bacterium or virus, nanoparticles color the blood to the appropriate color. If the center does not have qualified personnel for the diagnosis, using the above-mentioned application, you can send an image to any diagnostic center in the world. It is also possible to compare the appearance of the sample to the sample contained in the application. Those responsible for creating this solution believe that after minor modifications, this test can be used to detect contamination in water or food. This test is aimed at developing countries, where such solutions are very much needed. Source: Engadget