Samsung took to be serious experimentation in terms of bending screens and so far out they are pretty good. In 2016, he wants to go one step further and make some interesting solutions to its line of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / photo.

The first major step on the road to innovative displays Samsung began with the launch of Galaxy Note Edge, which at its curved screen gives you quick access to shortcuts. In the near future, users will be able to use the double-curved edges Galaxy model S6 Edge – where can bring such a solution? As reported by the latest news, Samsung plans to introduce in 2016 to its portfolio of devices with bent (most likely it will be something the likes of the Galaxy Round), folding and possible to "rollover" screens. Of course, everything is backed up by relevant patents, but the final result, the company is trying to achieve what we do not know too much. If indeed appear smartphones such possibilities, it will be interesting to present options to unlock – roll up or fold to block will be an integral part of the new devices. Everything is going to be very good on paper, but if the final result will be the users what they need? Source: sammobile