The company is the author of Cyanogen CyanogenMod, which probably do not need anyone here broadly to represent. This is a really good ROM of Android, which is sometimes considered to be better than the original. Because it is lighter, faster and devoid of unnecessary junk applications.

CyanogenMod 12 / fot. PhoneArena

According to Forbes, she managed to collect in recent times the amount of $ 80 million. According to his report, investors are known players in the market such as Twitter, Qualcomm, Telefonica, and Rupert Murdoch, who valued the company a billion dollars. Not bad for a project that began as a community project. You have to answer the question, what makes Cyanogena so valuable? According to Peter Levin fact that the dominance of Google and Android worried some companies. What if Google suddenly starts to charge a license fee for Android? Or stop him grow as an open source project? Such a monopoly is not anyone on hand. Neither the equipment manufacturers or developers who are writing applications. And what is the main interested, or CEO Cyanogena, Kirt McMaster? He had to say: "In an ideal world, the operating system would know that I use Spotify to listen to music. If I said to her phone: "play that song," it should be able to play this song ± p ******** via Spotify. Unfortunately, now it does not work. " This is not the first time that Kirt expressed in a blunt way of green robociku. He also believes that it will soon send a bullet, which goes right through the head of Google. What I think about all this? I am an advocate alternatives. It is good that there is something like CyanogenMod. However, if it is good that large companies becoming interested? This is clearly difficult for me to judge. As expounded by your money, you probably will want something in return, because I do not believe that they have made it out of the goodness of heart and love for the open-source community. What would happen? Time will tell. Source: Ubergizmo