The Taiwanese company MediaTek as the world's first true introduced 8-core processor and 64-bit, 8-core SoC with support for high-speed data transmission in LTE. The company is also one of the first announced the extension of the offer by the central unit using core ARM Cortex-A72. Now we have about it a little bit more information.

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It appears that MediaTek MT679X big.LITTLE will use technology developed by ARM. Main cores will be based on the architecture of the ARM Cortex-A72, and the auxiliary cores are ARM Cortex-A53. At the moment it is not clear what will be produced by the technological process the CPU, but it is certain that leaves the outdated 28 nm. Perhaps MediaTek MT679X is produced in 20nm and 16nm technology in the latest (FinFET). But no matter what you choose to Taiwanese and so will step behind the Korean conglomerate Samsung, which this year presented processor manufactured in 14-nanometer process technology. In order to illustrate the technology, architecture cores based on ARM Cortex-A72 and manufactured in 16 nm will be 3.5x faster than the Cortex-A15 (28nm) and 1.9x faster than the ARM Cortex-A57 (20nm). Provide graphics performance is no longer the one of Mali, because it is possible that MediaTek reach out the solutions offered by AMD, but for the moment this has not been definitively confirmed. Source: Digitimes