Microsoft (and earlier Nokia), likes to pamper its users. A few weeks ago, they could go to the movies for free, or eat pizza. Interestingly, these promotions were not meant only for new customers. For the latter, the company has prepared a real rarity – a return cashback promotion, which allows for the purchase of selected devices Lumia family get cash back – up to 200 PLN.

The Lumia 735 is a return of 200 PLN / photo. Microsoft

The promotion includes virtually all of the latest generation of devices – or x3x numbered. Depending on the price range, we can recover from 50 up to 200 PLN. And so – for the cheapest Lumie 435 and 532 get 50 gold return for these mid-priced or 530, 535, 630 and 635 – 100 PLN, while the most expensive equipment, namely 730, 735, 830 and 930 – 200 PLN up. To get the cash, you need to download the application Promotions & Contests and fill out the form hidden there. The promotion runs from 12.03 until 31.03. Take advantage of this promotion, because through it, some devices are doing a very attractive price. But be careful when you buy a phone with Allegro – perhaps the owner has used the cashback and you fail to obtain additional funds. Source: Microsoft