Only yesterday, I wrote about the fact that finally, in a legal way, we will be able to buy in Poland phone OnePlus One. This is obviously great news, just as some news of today, that sheds new light on the future of the company.

OnePlus One / photo. OnePlus

But after the other – in April, we expect the presentation of a new product prepared by the Chinese company. So far, little is known about him – certainly not going to be another phone, so we can no longer delude ourselves as to OnePlus One Mini, or a version that runs on Windows Phone. Also comes to mind tablet or SmartWatch, but company officials have dismissed this information as well, saying that the company intends to attack a whole new segment of the market – it's hard to guess what's going on – service with music? Fitness armband? The second information relates slowly approaching successor OnePlus One, which is hidden under a revealing name OnePlus Two. This phone would be fully metal and offer your feelings użytownikom previously available only to premium devices. However – something for something, it would result in a higher price than we had to pay for OnePlus One. Meanwhile, in anticipation of the premiere of the new devices, we further explore the possibility of its predecessor – the network appeared One photo that shows OnePlus working under the control of the Sailfish OS, the system now reserved for mobile Jolla. It is difficult to be traced to the information that OnePlus One plans to such a device (Jolla recently begun to license your system), it is more demonstration of the capabilities of the device. If you want to see for themselves what is OnePlus One, it's a Monday in Warsaw will be a meeting with the employees of the company and the official presentation – unfortunately, there are no seats on them, but you can always try – if not the door, a window . Source: Ubergizmo & PhoneArena & GSMArena