A few weeks ago, all media, not just technology, went around the sensational information on the results of Apple. Cupertino giant, although it did not show anything interesting, made huge profits: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhone sales break records. However, equally at home in the last year managed the entire industry.

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According to a study of the German company GFK, in 2014 around the world have been sold 1.2 billion smartphones, which represented a 23% increase over the previous year. In addition, for the first time in the history of magic limit is exceeded a billion devices sold. It is expected, however, that the growth rate will decline this year to 14%, which translates into 1,368 billion devices sold. At first it was higher sales featurephonów but, over the years the proportion began to turn around. This is mainly due to the fact that customers are increasingly willing to choose low-cost devices running under Android.

Sales of smartphones in 2013-2014 by. GFK data / photo. gsmmaniak.pl

DDane provided by the German company is reliable, because the track number of sales of equipment for more than 90 markets. Other companies, such as IDC, track the number of devices delivered to the stores, so their numbers may be slightly higher than those of GFK. According to Kevin Walsh, analyst, market trends, focusing on emerging markets, where customers are sensitive to price, will be that they will still fall. Prices may fall, but at the same time increasing sales displays with diagonals above 5 inches. By 2014, growth in this segment amounted to 180% and is expected to be the largest segment in 2015. Not surprisingly, the sale of tablets drops. In my opinion, we are approaching the point at which the market becomes saturated and total sales of smartphones will begin to slowly decrease to finally remain stable. Manufacturers are already starting to look for other sources of income as evidenced by the burgeoning market for wearables devices. Source: Techcrunch