The percentage of iOS software installation on dedicated devices 8 – strenuously because laboriously – but still climbs up. According to the latest statistics published by the eighth generation of Apple's current firmware for iPhones and iPads has been installed on 72 percent. devices.

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With the previous generation of software – iOS and 7 – are still used by approx. 25 percent. authorized to install iOS and 8, and 3 per cent. This software iOS 6 and older versions. It is worth noting that exactly a year ago level and the installation of iOS-7 was as high as 85 per cent., Which may be due to the fact that iOS 8 is not as attractive as the previous one of its new generation. By the way back to the topic and iOS 8.2. Two days ago, the developers received the fifth beta testing of the software, which among other things removes the error associated with the calendar. As suggested by BGR, the official release of iOS 8.2 and will take place in March, during a special event dedicated to the watch Apple Watch. Source: BGR