ARM today announced a new mobile processor architecture, which is dedicated to mobile devices and will be used in the next year by the largest manufacturers of mobile systems. Let us, therefore a little closer to the ARM Cortex-A72, as well as a new generation of the chip graphic – ARM Mali-T880. ARM Cortex-A72 is 3.5x faster than the ARM Cortex-A15 of 2014 and at the same time uses 75 percent less energy. ARM Cortex-A72 was built based on a 64-bit operating system architecture and manufactured in 16-nanometer process technology. The cores can operate at a maximum clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. Importantly ARM Cortex-A72 can be combined with a lower ARM Cortex-A53, and this means that the market debut big.LITTLE processors using technology that allows independent operation of the main and auxiliary cores. Thanks to this mobile device will be able to use the auxiliary cores to less advanced tasks, and thus save energy. With the announcement of the ARM Cortex-A72, the company unveiled a new generation of graphics chip – ARM Mali-T880, which will offer a 1.8-fold increase relative to the Mali-T760, which is used to date, yet consume 40 percent less energy.

Source: liliputing