In the context of sales and market shares, the phrase "Windows Phone conquers the world" is a very strong irony, but you can not say the same about the geographical context – the system in some countries is holding up very well, in addition to the day-to-day, we receive information about the next technology manufacturer with strange country, who has decided to release the handset with mobile tiles.

Colors Mobile with Windows Phone / photo. Colors Mobile

They were joined by Colors Mobile, which pochodzy with … Nepal. The device is called a Win Colors W10 looks like … like Android device, not like the Windows Phone – eg by unusual touch buttons. The screen of the phone has a size of 4.7 inches and a resolution of HD. For efficient operation of the device must meet the 200 Snapdragon processor, 1 gigabyte of supported RAM, which shows that we are dealing with the hardware of the lower priced. Unless Colors Win W10 specification does not stand out, you have to admit that on-screen mobile phone has a very interesting design – the device during operation can see here – emphasizes in particular the small thickness . Unfortunately, the device is unlikely to hit the Polish market – which is a pity, lacking in us so thin phones running on Microsoft. Source: WMPowerUser