The Taiwanese company HTC for many years only reminded me of devices working under Windows Mobile. When he made his debut Android few changes little, and HTC took a full swing for the production of smartphones with software from Google. Now (maybe) it's time for the system in the name of the fox – Firefox OS.

Mozilla Firefox OS, fot. Mozilla /

According to a new leak, HTC is testing Firefox OS for smartphones available in its range. Obviously this is not synonymous with the debut of models with dual OS, or something similar HTC One M8, which operates under the control of both Android and Windows Phone, but the fact that the last test sheds some light on the matter. Well, it is possible that HTC wants in the near future to fill the gap and enter to offer smartphones with Firefox OS, which will be dedicated not only to people with smaller wallets, as it is now. After all, almost all models of Firefox OS is a typical low-budget shelf and therefore unattractive to most consumers, and that far western consumers. Is that this segment of the market does not turn out to HTC gracious enough? Source: PhoneArena