Wear Android platform has its own rules and Google, as the owner of Microsoft imposes guidelines like the producers of "smart" handheld devices. By such a state debut word differ from each other mainly appearance. Thus, we should pretty struggled to rise above the competition, as well Samsung knows who resigned from the Android Wear for Tizen OS, as well as ASUS, who last year presented ZenWatch. This year's rookie surprise us a long time reportedly working on a single charge.

ASUS ZenWatch / photo. GsmManiaK.pl

Jonney Shih holding the position of President at ASUS seems to understand the need for the crowd that cries out for a long time on a single charge cycle and handheld mobile devices. It is not the only one who noticed the problem quest for ever more efficient components, which often ends need more frequent charging built-in batteries. Since the president is such a wise man, the network began to speculate about the release of ASUS ZenWatch 2, which will be able to withstand the intense week of operation. Of course, we do not have any evidence for this, but if the rumor is confirmed, this ASUS will notice a higher level wearable and pretty much raise the bar of competition. Source: Phandroid