After selling Lumii Microsoft, Nokia theoretically can not produce their own phones. Theoretically, because I think there is a way. Probably soon will be developed in collaboration device Meizu and Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 735 / fot.

Meizu is one of the leading manufacturers in the Chinese market and their smartphones enjoy a pretty good interest. Cooperation with Nokia, which has much experience in this industry can bring even greater profits and benefits to both parties. The device resulting from the merger is likely to be called the Supreme MX4 and will be sold under the name Meizu – remember that Nokia still can not have their own smartphone, but the final decision on the specifications, colors, and the software will belong just to them. While the Chinese company will be responsible for the appearance of the product, which is unmistakable resemblance to previous models. What do you think may result from such cooperation? Source: Ubergizmo