Piracy in the media scrolls properly since the popularization of personal computers, and really hard to be in any way revealing in this area. Even moving the realities on the mobile platform changed little, especially since it is the most popular, or Android, the basis of his philosophy put "openness" of the system and do not lie to themselves – even invites you to use the application, for which he paid – because it is often faster and easier than buying program on Google Play. But someone on the losing, so the question whether we should be interested in the preservation of the old system and who really bears this loss? Corporations? Developers? Users?

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The statistics are alarming fact – not so long ago I wrote about one of the most popular games in the last year – Monument Valley, for which 95% of users of Android did not pay for the program. The numbers in the context of other platforms are not better – for iOS only 60% of people decided to buy the program. The situation has not changed for years – in 2013 it was quite loud Game Gentleman, which had more than 50,000 users. The problem is that for the program paid less than … 150 people. It would seem, then, that modern mobile operating systems and programs that do not make money on the price, and on the number of units sold – albeit in the context of the above data, the hypothesis is pointless. For several days, the media industry statistics scrolling talking about how much it sells iOS applications, but most earn on Android. The creators of that Monument Valley is certainly not agree with this – presented today infographic showing the successes and failures of the game. The total cost of the creation of more than $ 850,000, and dozens of weeks of work. Profits? Nearly $ 6 million. Sounds great, does not it? Not really … 82% of this amount the company owes iOS, other Google Play and Amazon. If the information that 95% of installations Monument Valley from Google Play are programs for which they are paid – the numbers are shocking – the total number of installations on the same androids games should be about 6 million (the company claims that 8), almost four times as much as on the iOS. It turns out that the company really "bite" is only a small piece of the pie, which she created.

Infographics from the makers of Monument Valley / fot.UsTwo Games

I am not persuaded many people does the argument that appeared in the discussion at one of the texts, saying that most pirates are on Android, because this system is the most popular and certainly that if the market appeared billion a year from iOS or Windows Phone, the statistics would look different. It seems to me, however, that economies of scale not quite work here. Let us face it and say that the creators of some platforms equip them with the appropriate solutions to protect against piracy, while others do not seem to notice problems. Of course, for the theft application is affected by many factors – assume that the richest group of users are fans of iOS, so it makes sense that for them to pay several dollars for the program is really nothing.

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However, the "traditional" piracy was somewhat easy to explain and what is more – it was even possible to moral acceptable – in the case of computer programs and games, original price range from 100 to several thousand. In the case of mobile piracy of such cases is not actually, only a few programs cost upwards of 20 gold, and most of them cost less than "nozzle". And even if it cost more counterparts have a free or full version with ads. So everything is measured by a measure called. "Cebulactwa" – do not lie to themselves and let's face it – in the case of applications costing 3,49 zł (the minimum cost of the program in the Windows Phone) piracy is simply stupidity – the amount is ridiculously low, even in the case of work to earn śmieciówkach 20 minutes. And even less time it takes to ask mom and dad, because it is among young people is the highest percentage of piracy. In addition, the amount is even more absurd, that much we can buy for it, even converting to buy one beer and not necessarily of the highest quality. And most importantly – is disproportionate to the time and costs for developers. There are various conspiracy theories about piracy, especially among programs and operating systems. One of them says that Microsoft could complicate (if not completely block) installations pirated version of Windows, but then you lose the monopoly position in the market of OS's because people actually decide to switch, eg. For various Linux distributions. Theoretically piracy may be on his own, because it better to sell a lot and be "okradanym" with part of the profits, than to sell enough. Especially that corporations actually are forced to use Windows, by compatibility with other software, and usually buy thousands of pieces of license. Is a similar situation applies to Android? Probably not, because the system itself is free, and its popularity is based on something else. The second conspiracy theory says that piracy is a great potential … advertising – UsTwo said it seems to be well used, loudly shouting about their oppression and releasing catchy infographics.

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Is the situation so the solution would be to block the installation of non-official sources? Hypothetically, assuming that no one invented the way how to get around this and not counting the hundreds of custom-roms that would probably allow it, the answer is … no. With a simple reason – as the official source should be considered all the other shops partners, such as the Amazon store or Samsung Apps. In this way, Google again would lose control of the applications on your system and would have locked the wheel, because I am sure that sooner or later in alternative stores would appear pirated applications (though, as it is now). So where is the cure, if at all do you need? Perhaps the system is harmful to individuals, and it really benefits the most? Or … mostly understood as a large unit and hurdles at the bottom of the ladder, as always, get the pocket? Paradoxically, I believe that we need most … education. And to make the application-specific premium product. In a similar way developers work currently hip-hop music in Poland – (I think) disorganized action "I support Polish rappers" brought amazing effect – determinant of being a fan does not become a number of gigabytes and pirated music files on the disk, and the number of legendary albums on the shelf. The same is happening now in the world of PC gaming, where the legendary game in the collection are really valuable specimens. Perhaps in a few years to have on your account such as Google or Live. Asphalt 5, it will become a kind of ennoblement? Hopefully …