At this year's Mobile World Congress 2015, the capital of Catalonia debut SmartWatch is another South Korean company Samsung, which is known as Orbis. It will be a proposal of a "smart" watch with rotating ring and button-shaped crown. Orbis is to be equipped with a button in the shape of a crown. Functionality will not be similar to that of Apple's Watch, because Koreans are going to use for this rotating bezel envelope. After the network for some time now circulate information about this type of solution, and confirm them even patent applications filed by Samsung in recent times. It is expected that the ring will allow zooming in and out, the alarm setting, as well as scrolling lists. Surely Samsung will provide SDK for developers to be able to develop more features for the ring. While the power button to wake the screen allow, launch the S Voice by double-pressing, and sending emergency messages. Apparently still allow the trigger several other functions, but it the main tool to support Orbis will ring. Source: sammobile