The boundary between the smartphone and the tablet is increasingly blurred – demonstrates the creation phabletów (smartphones with a screen diagonal of more than 5 / 5.5 inches), and their growing popularity. May soon be joined by another model – BOSS Phone, which on January 5 appeared on the pages of the site Indiegogo. Its characteristic feature is to be a giant, a 7-inch screen, which until now has been reserved for tablets. The creator of the project among the strengths of BOSS-heavy phabletu lists items such as dual SIM card slot, Android 5.0 and a certification path (on this later in the text). Phone BOSS is to be equipped with a screen resolution of 1200×1920 pixels (323 dpi), ośmiordzeniowy Multimedia processor, 16 GB of storage, expandable via SD card, camera with 8 megapixels sensor, 2-megapixel front webcam and also a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. What actually can stand coming phablet is the aforementioned certificate Tor. People care about the privacy of associate this name with software to safely surf the Web. Phone BOSS has used some of the solutions to protect users' data. As declared by the manufacturer on the project: "BOSS offers the same opportunities to communicate, which Edward Snowden used to warn Americans against massive government surveillance" Besides BOSS Phone is designed to provide a high level of protection against hackers, viruses and gathering information by corporations. Is it really so? So far it is not known, because at the moment the project is in the process of financing. In a single day he won a little over $ 3,000, which represents 2% of the expected amount. The initial price of the device is $ 355 (non-US interest will have to be added to this amount, even $ 30), but it can be lowered by ordering more copies ($ 325 for the 2-3, 300 for at least 4). What do you think about this project? You would be interested in buying BOSS Phone? Divide your thoughts in the comments. Source: Indiegogo via PhoneArena Note: All graphics used are derived from the project.