The end of year is a good time to take stock of twelve months, analysis, and also to remind the most important events and premieres. On the smartphone market, as it always has a lot, and rather one that statement does not surprise. But there were a lot of very interesting events, and the Prime Minister, which changed the course of history. This year has been really successful, yet very difficult. Below you will find a summary of our gsmManiaKalne 2014. If according to you, any of the important events escaped our attention, let me know in the comments.

Prime Minister Android 5.0 Lollipop

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

In fact, only this year, and more precisely in May, Google presented a mobile system, which brings with it considerable breath of fresh air. Google Android 5.0 Lollipop is not just a new environment ART, and thus support for 64-bit architecture, but most of all a lot of new products that improve the performance and comfort, and energy management. At the beginning of the Material Design, which is a completely new look of Android, which really can be enjoyed as it was flattened (it is now very fashionable). A mention of an extensive energy saving system (Battery Saver) and Volta project, which allows you to manage power consumption, at the time of application design. Google Android Cupcake from the time showed what he can do.

Prime Minister Apple iPhone 6 Plus – the first in the history of Apple phablet

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Apple iPhone 6 Plus / photo. Manufacturer

until 2014 Ninth Hell has frozen over – Apple presented the first ever phablet – Apple iPhone 6 Plus with a screen diagonal of 5.5 ". It was a giant of Cupertino hint to the calls of consumers who had had enough of small smartphones that were lost in the face of competition in the eyes. Apple did what he does best, which provided a beautiful device in a metal housing with niewybujałą technical specification that embarrass many a smartphone with Android on board. In summary, Tim Cook did what late. Steve Jobs was afraid, and how to show all kinds of tests, it was one of the better decisions.

Prime Minister OnePlus One – the best value for components / most famous smartphone from China

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

OnePlus One / photo. OnePlus

about any smartphone / phablecie not have written so much this year, how about OnePlus One, for the production of which is a young company with the leaders of the Middle Oppo former employee. There was a month, we at gsmManiaKu not talked about OnePlus One, which phablecie the best value for money of the implemented components phablecie rationed, as meat in the days of communism in Poland, phablecie really almost perfect. OnePlus did what anyone has not yet succeeded in such a short time – won a huge crowd of supporters and opponents in just twelve months and is on the lips of almost everyone.

LG Prime Minister G3 – the first international phablet screen and laser autofocus WQHD

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

LG G3 / photo.

Although LG G3 is not the first in the world that could boast phablet matrix presenting WQHD resolution image, but it is the first device with such a matrix, which debuted in the international arena, which certainly deserves attention. But this is not new to the board LG G3, since this model was the first in history is equipped with an infrared laser-based autofocus, which helps in immediate focusing even in low light. Importantly, the beam is harmless to the human eye.

Samsung Galaxy Note premiere of Edge – first phablet with a curved display

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge / photo.

The biggest surprise technology trade fair in Berlin in 2014 was a Samsung press conference, during which, in addition awaited by many fans of the South Korean company's fourth-generation Galaxy Note, appeared on the stage Galaxy Note Edge. The world's first device whose display is curved so as to overlap the side edge, so that without having to use the main screen, or with closed cover Flip Case Cover, you can read the notification, or use the shortcuts and other simple functions.

The finalization of the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Lumia 535 /fot.Microsoft

The twenty-fifth April 2014 went down in history as the day on which the Finnish national pride and a population of 150 years irretrievably disappeared from the market and became the only part of Microsoft's mobile division. It is true that for some time debuting in selling smartphones Nokia logo was visible, but according to the American giant's plan before the end of the year, this situation has been changing. Thus, in 2014, officially seen the light of day in the history of the first Microsoft Lumia device. Model 535 to flagowców of course you should not, however, have always known will be the first smartphone from Microsoft.

Prime Minister phabletu Qualcomm reference – the first phablet with 810 Snapdragon system

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Similar to the tablet, so for the first ever powered by a Snapdragon phablet 810, did not have to wait until the first half of 2015 as the end of November until the two reference debut Qualcomm devices. One of them is phablet with 6.17-inch display WQHD that uses the extraordinary CPU power in a powerful, 64-bit unit, using big.LITTLE ARM technology. Moreover, the system used in reference phablecie Qualcomm received support from the 4-gigabyte memory RAMLP-DDR4, so the presence of this device on our list is mandatory.

The new CEO of Microsoft

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Satya Nadella / photo. Heisenberg Media, Flickr, CC

According to the earlier announcement of this year from the post of Director General of the corporation from Redmond gave way to 58-year-old Steve Ballmer. Among the candidates for the position include a former CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, Microsoft's top manager, Satya Nadella and CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg. Finally, the choice fell on Nadella, called Mr. Nice Guy, who has over 20 years of working at Microsoft and is considered capable engineer, and by some even visionary.

Prime Minister Amazon Fire – the first smartphone with six cameras

He chose Bogusław Rosa

In the middle of the year took place premiere smartphone, which was to prove to be a big hit. In retrospect, we can see that it was merely wishful thinking, but the 4.7-inch smartphone deserves a word of recognition – six cameras and four infrared sensors impressive. Where the number 6? As each device, the Amazon Fire has a classic main camera on the back of the device (13 megapixel) and lower unit on the front. The other 4 are responsible for the stereoscopic effect, which has been obtained by the dynamic perspective provided by a 120-degree viewing angle of the camera. This effect could not be achieved if there were no power, and this provides a 4-core Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.2 GHz, supported by 2GB of RAM. And all this is running OS-based Fire in the Google Android.

The first 64-bit processors

He chose Bogusław Rosa

fot. Edelweiss,

The past year has brought us a lot of changes in the processor, which can be found in our smartphones. Thanks to our capabilities as users reached unimaginable a few years ago level. The first information about the 64-bit already appeared at the beginning of the year and in the second half we could see processors with eight 64-bit cores (MediaTek MT6795). The biggest competitor – Qualcomm is also not lagged and announced an increasing number of 64-bit processors – from Snapdragon 610, and 810 Snapdragonie ending. The American company committed to the principle that not quantity, and quality is important, as you can see in their products. However, where we will take this race "arms" in the coming year?

Prime Minister BlackBerry Passport

He chose Bogusław Rosa

supersmartfonów market is always room for more equipment and everyone's recipients. It was no different with the launch of the BlackBerry Passport, which restored the position of Canadians. Recent years have meant that the BlackBerry was getting smaller position on the Polish market and the quantity was limited to brand enthusiasts who like once tried, you can not imagine a smartphone without Blackberries on the back. Our withdrawal from the market does not help in increasing sales, and only showed deepening business problem. Fortunately, it's Passport, which gave a breath of freshness, thanks to innovative solutions (cursor control via touch keyboard) and the latest BBOS system allows you to install apps from Android is a Canadian company in the newly created interest and desire to have TIP HACKLE in his pocket.

Micromax Yurek – the first smartphone with CyanogenMod 11 and 64-bit Snapdragon

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Micromax Yurek / photo. PhoneArena

How many systems, users, and today the development of technology allows for a seamless connectivity and use of powerful components of a great work of the system. With such a connection was made Micromax Yurek. The use of 64-bit, 8-core Snapdragon processor 615 (quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.7 GHz to + quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.0 GHz) with Adreno 406 graphics chip in conjunction with CyanogenMod 11 has shown that it is possible create a device typically the needs of users who demand the solution. Would a similar approach motivated by the producers in the coming year.

The first phone with Gorilla Glass 4 – Samsung Galaxy Alpha

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Who of us like scratches on the screen? This question does not have to answer, only to be avoided. The available solutions are films or protective coating resistant glass that has the least impact on the aesthetic changes in the device. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is the latest generation, which gives strength falls to 70% better than in the case of smartphones without this solution. At the moment it is the most resistant glass used in mobile devices, and hopefully very soon zagościło in the largest quantities. Currently, its protection uses the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which will soon no longer be produced.

Handheld devices available on the Polish market

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Sony SW2 / photo. Sony

Many handheld devices can be regarded as a mere gadget, which damage the money, but the growing interest and even better solutions that can be found in smart wristbands and watches tend to review these available in our home market.
  • Samsung Gear S
  • Chronos GOCLEVER Colour
  • Manta MA424
  • LG G Watch R
  • Eco Chronos GOCLEVER
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear
  • Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 NEO
  • Samsung Gear Fit
  • Sony SmartWatch 2

Of these devices, you can read in the pages of gsmManiaKa and each of them is now possible to buy. Next year will start from a very nice accent – for the disposal of Moto 360.

The official sale of certain Chinese phones in Europe

He chose Arek Morawski

So far, the "old" phone manufacturers, can be confident about the European market, as the availability of attractive devices in China was here limited. If you want to make yourself the device from Xiaomi or Meizu, we had to buy them on Allegro or eBay, counting the possible problems with the guarantee – which further limited the popularity of these phones. Everything indicates that 2014 years may be a breakthrough, not only for Chinese giants, but also European consumers, because in that year, several models were sent to the official sales in Europe, including Xiaomi MI4. I realize that a few swallows of spring does not make, but even the few models that stand out the specifications and the price will be a strong sign for other phone manufacturers. I think that in the coming years, we expect a large price war, which you also can be seen on certain products, including Nokia.

Allview entry into the Polish market

He chose Arek Morawski

Allview WI7

In recent years, rarely had to deal with the success of European brands in the mobile market. All the more reason to appreciate the local rising stars. One such brand Allview is a Romanian who in the country of Dracula is actually hegemonic positions. And she totally does not surprise – low price, high quality, good specification and bold ideas rotary-style camera – what more could you want? Therefore eagerly expected Allview entry into our market and was not disappointed – especially since the prices of some of the devices are in our lower than in Bucharest. Our local B-Brandom has grown alongside a powerful competitor. Even if he fails to succeed similar to the one that came in Romania, I am sure that the competition will clearly feel his breath for you – you can see it for example. After a pretty solid tablet with Windows 8 for less than 300 dollars. And who knows, maybe soon we will see a European brand that put the expansion of the Chinese?

The growing number and importance of MVNOs in Poland

He chose Arek Morawski


Until recently, no one paid attention to MVNOs in our country. We must admit that we had little choice and most of them rather aroused laughter, because of its different connotations (eg. TuBiedronka network) than respect. Everything changed after the entry into our country of a few large players such as Red Bull Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Mobile Vikings. Their offer is usually so attractive that it is hard to go past her indifferently. At the time, in which no longer pays to take a subscription without a phone in the traditional operators, MVNOs have found their niche. I think their increasing popularity will affect the products prepared by the large operators and will have a major effect on the appearance of the mobile market in the coming years.

The acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

In February 2014, we witnessed one of the largest acquisitions this year – Chinese group announced the purchase of information technology of the mobile division of Motorola which is in the hands of Google. The transaction was completed not too long, because in the penultimate day of October, and Google Motorola priced itself for about 2.91 billion dollars. Entry into the possession of Motorola Mobility by Lenovo in China gave the company the third position in the world among manufacturers of smartphones. That's not all, because this year Motorola returned to European markets, and thus the proposals with the letter M on the case is officially available in Poland. As you can see, not all acquisitions must end badly.

Prime Minister Android Wear

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Android zegarek

Android Wear / photo. androidspin

It was in this year, we are experiencing a real deluge handheld devices – each of the major manufacturers in the mobile industry has a "smart" watch that runs on Android Wear. Thanks to him, Google wants to convince us that wearable devices are needed and facilitate the work of the smartphone. Android Wear announced in March this year, it's nothing more than a mobile platform, which is a modified version of Google's Android and is based on Google Now, which means that all kinds of information are displayed on the cards.

Prime Minister Vivo X5 Max

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Vivo X5 Max / photo. gizchina

Most manufacturers not so long ago fought with each other for the implemented components. When these become public, and do not even reach for Chinese companies, it was necessary to invent a new category in which you can be number one. Of course, the idea came up with the Chinese, who decided in early December to raise the bar very high and present Vivo X5 Max, which stands for the production of BBK. The anorexic year is only 4.75 millimeters in thickness frankly hard to be even more slim smartphone / phablet without significantly enlarge the size. It is a pity that the race takes place at the expense of battery.

Aluminum Samsung smartphones

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Alpha Galaxy photo. Samsung

There's no denying that the South Korean company Samsung recently associated only with the plastic, and presented two years ago, has been hailed as the flagship soap dish. In total, it is hardly surprising, since Samsung is not the only manufacturer that reaches out after plastic to produce mobile devices – it is cheaper to produce. This year brought us a breath of fresh air, however, in the range of Koreans – we lived on the first smartphone with Android, which uses metal for the production of housing. Undoubtedly noteworthy event, especially after the release of the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung is got under way and uses them in almost every (notable) model, which is reflected Galaxy series A and Note fourth generation.

Nokia with Android

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Nokia X / fot.Nokia

In the mobile industry can expect everything, but that Nokia associated with Microsoft will present Android smartphone? Rather no one had expected, and the more that there will be three models. And this was at the Mobile World Congress in the Catalan capital. Importantly, the Nokia so modified system from Google that has been denied access to Google Play (one of the greatest strengths) and replaced by your own, and referred to the tile interface known from Windows Phone. Nokia does not believe in the success of the market, which is why Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X +, the time of market launch already have devices with extremely poor technical specifications. Do not change the fact that Nokia Android enrolled in the annals of history.

Watch the Apple announcement

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Apple Watch / photo. Manufacturer

The September conference Apple went down in history for another very important reason. Giant launched the first in its range "smart" watch – Apple Watch, which is made of stainless steel, aluminum, as well as 18-karat gold. As Tim Cook said, "Apple Watch is the most personal device ever created," and something in it, because at the moment SmartWatch market launch will be available in three versions – Watch, Sports Watch and Watch Edition. The watch is another sign that Apple began to listen to their customers and let them be a confirmation of applause the audience gathered in the conference hall during the presentation.