The holidays rapidly approaching and slowly envelops us pre-Christmas madness – present in every corner of the advertising offers and tempt us and effectively bring into purchasing frenzy. Christmas is a time for gifts, and certainly among the packages under the tree, many people will find your tablet, smartphone or accessories to any of them. In the latter category, the increasing popularity of various cases, covers and cases – a fact that should not be surprising, since the device having a non-trivial amount you want to protect it from any kind of damage. Often, however, forget that taking care of the security of our smartphone should pay attention not only to ensure his physical fitness, but also for what it really is for us the most important – personal data. In this case, warns privacy specialist company F-Secure, which reminds us of lurking on cyber-threats. Among them are open Wi-Fi networks, which according to a recent study, F-Secure more than 60 percent of mobile devices use at least once a month. In the official press release has been invoked statement advisor. Safety Sean Sullivan: "A lot of people do not have any doubt in connection with the use of public Wi-Fi networks, and the vast majority do so without adequate security. If you do not protect your network connection, whatever you do online is like a shout in a crowded room. So, despite the fact that consumers are spending a lot of money on physical protection devices, this does not seem a dime on something far more important protection – your data and privacy. "Why securing data stored on your phone so important? Increasingly, we use a smartphone to manage e-mail address, bank account or social networking sites. Logins and passwords in many cases are stored on the device, and the cost of building a device that mimics a public wireless network can be closed within 800-850 dollars. First of all, so remember to keep careful – the safest option is to only connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks. In addition, we equip your smartphone (mainly Android devices) in the anti-virus program – it works in most cases is not limited to virus scan on the device, but also filters the visited pages and network connections. "Case for iPad costs $ 39. The lower price you can buy a one-year protection for network connections, which ensures that the data on the devices remains secure even when we connect to the network from home. "- adds Sullivan." The scratches are cosmetic damage. Even if it breaks the display – no problem replace it. But if your private data, eg. username and password to the site of the banking or credit card number is stolen – then the damage can be much more serious. "As with other devices, so in this case, observance of one main rule – remember to use common sense! Source: Press release F-Secure