Blogger Mary Jo Foley says that in the vicinity of January 20th we should expect the conference at which Microsoft will reveal more details about the upcoming release of Windows Phone 10. Meanwhile, the Internet appears more and more rumors about it.

Microsoft patent illustration / photo. Microsoft

One of them is the information about the appearance of devices operating under Windows Phone, not equipped with ARM processors to date and competitive Intel chips. Gossip about the possibility of developing such mobile devices in a normal desktop computer using a docking station – it would be "available" when the phone is connected to a docking station or a large display. Moreover, since 2009, Microsoft has a patent on a similar device. If implemented this solution, Windows Phone 10 would gain a lot of respect to other systems – a portable computer in your pocket? Very happy! Another problem is the name of the new system – previously announced that she will be deprived of the member Phone, and like the other versions will be called simply Windows 10. However, more and more frequently in the media appears … Windows Mobile 10. A mobile system with Redmond times its luminosity already so called, so maybe Microsoft is counting on a return to the good times? Source: WMPowerUser