Cortana, or mobile assistant "hidden" in the phones running the Windows Phone, is now available in more countries and is able to communicate in new languages ​​- French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Cortana and new languages / photo. Microsoft

So far, the service is only available for phones with firmware version Preview for developers, but soon hit is on all devices. Cortana in these countries is in alpha stage, which means that all the features are not yet available – for example, do not check. Timetable plane. Aims to change this when the application goes into beta phase. Although there is no language Polish disappointing, no doubt to support an increasing number of languages ​​by CORT is a great news. Competitive solutions like Siri and Google Now, even though they are much older, it's not really "learned" is none other than English. So far, no one knows when Cortana speak Polish, but we expect that this will happen within the next year. Source: WinBeta