It seems that the simplest solutions are always the best. We live in a world where the batteries can be found in even the smallest store. It is a pity, however, that in the context of mobile devices not fully use their potential. It's time to change, and help is this one of the projects, who fights for funding on the popular website Kickstarter crowdfoundingowym. Imagine a situation where your phone battery is discharged and the urgent need to call. Simple, you go to the nearest shop, buy an ordinary battery, which by a device called V plan to extend the operation of your device. You do not have to carry with you POWERBANK (which after all does not always have to be charged) – just a small key ring with keys. The inventors of this idea need $ 30,000 to start production of Plan V – it seems that they reach their goal soon, because at the moment are over 27,000. If this amount is reached, the first "Plans V" hit the shelves in February next year. Source: Kickstarter