There are only hours separate us from the Nokia World 2012 conference. In the evening, probably will be roared on Internet reports, rumors, analysis and forecasts linked to new smartphone (or tablet also materialize and interesting services?) Finnish corporations. If you are wondering what there is now a mood in the same company, then we know the answer to this question. He gave her the same Stephen Elop.

Nokia Lumia 820 / screenshot wpcentral

It appears that Nokia's CEO is not afraid to slip and is confident that today will begin a new and better period in the history of the company. After quarters, and in fact even longer period of weakening the position of the company and its sales drop, it's time to return to the top producers. Apparently today is not simply see more devices with Windows Phone 8, but the equipment, exhibiting capabilities and features that are not found in other gadgets. As CEO refers to compete with Samsung in the segment of handsets with Microsoft's platform? With Ativ S smartphone already joked one representative of Nokia, calling him a "warm-up before the big show." The assumption goes like Elop, who argues that only today we will see a full blown gadget (gadgets?) Of WP8. We can only keep his word head of the Finnish company – if you can keep it on the market could get very interesting … Source: WSJ