Rovio's no longer need anyone to represent, because the success of Angry Birds assured its place in the history of human consciousness and the IT sector (over whether it is a long-term success will not wonder – time will tell). Finns do not intend to build its brand solely on the basis of Furious Birds. Following the launch of the title Amazing Alex, it has been reported on the next title – Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies / Fig. Rovio

The new game should be available from September 27 platforms iOS, Android and Mac. Over time, there are versions for Windows and Windows Phone. Company officials confirmed that the project must be picked up as part of a family of Angry Birds, but the process of the game will be seriously different from that which we know from Mad Birds. Does not disclose the details, but we know that this time you will not use the sling. Rovio staff said in a statement that now users will be able to look at the world through the eyes of other heroes of Angry Birds. Quite likely that the new game will resemble puzzle where the player demonstrates their abilities constructor. If the company actually went in that direction, it's going to be quite interesting. Expecting another blockbuster? Source: Rovio