Internet portal in ostanim expanded functionality while mobile version of the site and all holders urząrzeń serenaded with Google Android mobile application – INTERIA FACTS. In this case, it is worth checking the news waiting for us in both cases. [Gallery] At the beginning of the start of the mobile version of the site, which is available at adtesem, which now offers the same features as the traditional site – With respect to the previous version of Mobile, was added up to 7 services and in this way, mobile offers a wide wachlaż articles of 12 channels. Unification of the two channels was a priority for the manager says mobile services in – Maciej Wiktorski. In addition, mobile service now offers a relationship with football matches live, galleries with pictures and video that can be viewed in full screen mode, which looks quite phenomenal. By the way, the process of unification of channels, work continued on the development of mobile applications for Google's Android, which will soon make its debut in stores AppStore. This has a simple and intyucyjmym interface and offers a variety of useful solutions, among which we find the interesting choice of channels, share information with your friends via applications for such action, select the content you want to read later. The most interesting, however, seems to be a feature that allows you, the transmission of information to the editor serwsiu of interesting incidents, which were (are) witnesses. Source: