Just a few hours ago, we were almost certain that the market debut of the next generation of handsets nadgryzionego apple logo as the iPhone fifth And this is thanks to the invitation that Apple sent to a conference scheduled for September 12, which is a cast in the eye shadow in the shape of the number 5, which gave a lot of thought and confirmed in the belief that the iPhone has just debut fifth However, the latest leak suggests that the market will make its debut as the third-generation iPad, the name – the new iPhone.

New iPhone or iPhone 5? / Screenshot netbooknews

In principle, a device that will be presented next week, is the sixth generation of the iPhone, but on the Internet it was decided to simply call it the iPhone 5, as logic would dictate. I, however, for some time I wrote about it as a new iPhone. And maybe it has just seen at the event, as in a photograph of the network , showing the sheet from the printing press, packaging for the iPhone. Overall, the picture presented smartofn looks the same as the materials that have recently appeared on the Internet. On the other hand, no matter what name is given to it and so it will take. It is important however that the company actually presented something new, and not just "heated chop" with a bit larger screen and a modified chassis. Source: iphonenieuwsblog