Recently, the Russian government became famous for making controversial decisions – publicized by the media situation confirms that Russia seeks to achieve full independence from Europe and the US, and the latest reports indicate that the implementation of this goal will reach the mobile market. progorod11 service as reported, restricted to be covered by all Apple devices using iCloud cloud, concerns, above all, iPhones and iPads. The argument, which is to confirm the validity of this prohibition is that the private data are stored on servers located outside Russia. According to the information available on the network, the above decision would come into force at the beginning of 2015 to the time of the Apple device owners will be forced to make difficult decisions – or resign from iCloud, thereby limiting the functionality of their devices, or exchange them for other. This issue, however, carries with him the issue of a completely different nature. Indeed, even if the victim of the offensive now Russia falls Apple, is following the idea of ​​the independence of this country decides to take similar action against other service providers? If you think about it, the same argument can be used against Microsoft, Google, Facebookowi and many other subjects, because all store their data on servers located outside of Russia, and therefore under the chosen way of thinking "stealing" data users. It is worth to take this type of reflection, because it is possible that Russia seeks to limit its population to an extent similar to North Korea, which, taking into account the territorial expansion of the country, does not bode well for us. Source: PhoneArena , GSMDome Progorod11