As it turns out, good news for BlackBerry does not end only at a very good sales of their latest flagship called Passport – Canadian manufacturer also announced financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2015, which are much better than projected. According to the report prepared, the company lost over the last three months of $ 207 million, compared to the same period last year is a huge progression – then we are dealing with a loss at up to $ 965 million. Canadians also much less lost in the stock market – forecasts spoke about lower prices the order of 16 cents per share, while the final score stood at barely two cents loss. BlackBerry in the past three months has sold 2.4 million of its smartphones, of which 300,000 came from accumulated stocks, and 2.1 of the current production. Quite a good financial performance in comparison to previous months made up as much revenue from the sale of equipment and services – 46%, and software, where the proportion was 8 percent. It is also worth mentioning the increase in BlackBerry Messenger user base – from 85 to 91 million people. Source: