So far, Microsoft is closed all projects related to Nokia's mobile phones, but now the situation has changed somewhat. Is a Finnish brand now set the conditions for a computer giant. The thing Here Maps navigation software.

Here Maps on Samsung Galaxy.jpg, photo. Samsung

Microsoft is now the owner of department of Nokia mobile phones and doing in this regard litigation order. However, the team responsible for developing the software here is still in the hands of the Finnish manufacturer. Until recently, the only smartphones with Windows Phone Lumia able to enjoy a free and functional navigation. But now the application is also available on the Google Android operating system. Had a positive response from the users of the platform meant that Nokia engineers will focus more on software development for Android and iOS, at the expense of Windows Phone. Of course, the tool will continue to be developed, but not at this rate. I think that discussions with Microsoft turn out successfully, because Nokia is negotiating an agreement for the development of Windows Phone here. In turn, Here Maps on iOS is expected to debut later this year. The reports allegedly responded Pino Bonetti from the team responsible for Here Maps. He says that here Drive at Microsoft will be available for at least four years, and the offline version is only for Windows Phone. However, if there is no binding decisions. Source: