Red Bull and its network of Red Bull Mobile and its operator – Company Play – announced just about starting a loyalty program Red Bull Mobile Connect, which will allow to win a variety of prizes for the use of a variety of products and services associated with this brand.

Adam Malysz - Ambassador loyalty program in Poland / fot. Red Bull

In the just launched, users can collect special energy, which will allow the gradual heel up the hierarchy and achieve new levels of energy. Loyalty points can earn in many different ways – in addition to drinking an energy drink or participate in a variety of theme parties the possibility of a large part is devoted to the Red Bull Mobile customers. If you are already subscribers of this network, I immediately jump to the "second level of initiation", while those who decide to transfer the number to the RBM will receive additional profty this title. Bonus buds also gain energy for each top-up. What can we therefore win? The range of awards is quite large – from digital gadgets such as wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers, through the clothes of Red Bull, to meetings with athletes-ambassadors of the brand or adventures. Among the offers available in the latter category are even departing aircraft Red Bull Air-Race as a second pilot or ride around the track Red Bull Ring in Austria. The full range of the loyalty program can be found on . Source: Red Bull