T-Mobile launches new promotion on offer Heyah card. From today are available offering talks without limits to all mobile networks – Heyah, T-Mobile, Orange and Plus. For 7 zł we can talk without limit for a week.

Starter Heyah talks without limits, photo. Heyah

offer talks without limits is a promotion that is activated automatically when you first connect, but just in case someone decides to buy a limited starter. The moment of first use of the phone (the first call from a mobile number) is equivalent to accrue weekly fee. Since that time, the whole week will not be charged for calls to Heyah, T-Mobile, Play, Orange and Plus. Importantly, if you do not execute any connection fee is not charged. offer talks without limits can be run on already active numbers. Just that change the current tariff for a day's pay by sending a free code * 100 * 812 #, and then activates the offer code * 100 * 818 #. The first activation of the promotion is free. Source: press release Heyah