During the conference in San Francisco, an American manufacturer of SoC – Qualcomm announced that worldwide a billion smartphones derive the computing power provided by the Snapdragon chips. a few years ago when Android crawling, SoC manufacturers were many. CPUs for smartphones debuting delivered include: Texas Instruments, NovaThor, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Samsung (Hummingbird initially, now called the Exynos). As you can see company engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices could pick, but for some time with great players remained only two: Qualcomm and Samsung Exynos. Of course it is worth mentioning the Taiwanese corporation MediaTek, but his career started a bit later. NVIDIA has withdrawn from the smartphone market for tablets, Texas Instruments decided to hare the heavy industry, where it offers its solutions, and Samsung Exynos mainly produce for their own needs. Therefore, there is no wonder that Qualcomm has provided its processors to more than a billion smartphones with Android on board. Source: androidworld