In June 2012, Microsoft released a mobile system Windows Phone 7.8. After two years of fruitful cooperation, came the moment of separation. Windows Phone 7.8 will cease to be supported and developed on October 14.

Devices with Windows Phone 7.8 /fot.wmpoweruser

Reportedly Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 still works on 19.2% of active devices that use systems from Redmond. Overall, on 9 September was to take place the moment, but eventually moved it over a month. Microsoft in their assumptions about the updates and support for mobile, reserves that for the 18 months since the release of the phone, will provide software updates, including improving safety. Windows Phone 7.8 has been with us for over two years, so according to company policy, it is time to move forward. Windows Phone 7.8 users who are tied to their smartphones, they will have to either accept the fact that nothing new has them does not get, or go to the newer device. This type of play from Microsoft is a direct attempt to encourage users to spend the money, but the changes often overlook the good and new smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1 are something more special. Source: wmpoweruser